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SatsFaucet works in collaboration with companies that want to advertise their games, apps, surveys or products.

1. Choose a task on the offers page or in an offerwall. You can sort the offers by differents options to find those who match with your criters.

2. Complete the offer. It takes between 2 and 10 minutes for the most offers.

3. After you have completed the offer you will earn coins. 10000 coins = $1. Once you've reached 50000 coins ($5), you can instant cashout your coins for satoshis (bitcoin).

You can also earn coins by claiming free bounty every hour, completing challenges and using our affiliate program.

It is easily possible to earn more than $100 of satoshis (bitcoin) per month on SatsFaucet, some users even reach more than $1000 of satoshis (bitcoin) each month. Check out the Leaderboard to see how much the most active SatsFaucet users have earned.

Once you've reached 50000 coins ($5), you can withdraw you earnings directly to your bitcoin lightning network wallet (for example: Phoenix Wallet, BlueWallet, Wallet of Satoshi) or to your FaucetPay account.

There is multiple ways to earn experience points (XP) when using SatsFaucet:

Complete offer (offers page & offerwalls): 10 XP

Complete challenge: 5 XP

Claime bounty: 1 XP

Claime code: 1 XP

Affiliate complete offer: 1 XP

The Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol that runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It's designed to provide faster and cheaper transactions compared to traditional Bitcoin transactions, which can be slow and expensive.

Satoshi (SATS) is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). The unit has been named in collective homage to the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you haven't been credited for your offer completion yet, please ensure that 72 hours have passed first since you completed this offer as the crediting may simply be delayed on the offer provider's side.
Once 72 hours passed, please contact the according offer provider that this offer was completed on. Once you've reached out to them, please keep in mind that in some cases it may take a few weeks for them to get back to you whenever they are dealing with higher volumes of user inquiries.

Your account balance is set in coins. 10000 coins = $1. The sats/bitcoin amount showed on your interface is a real time conversion of your coins amount. If the bitcoin price goes up your sats/bitcoin amount will decrease. If the bitcoin price goes down, your sats/bitcoin amount will increase. When you withdraw to your wallet, the coins amount is converted to bitcoin based on the current price.

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